Pixel is life, pixel is love.

PXL8 is a Diffusion Model made to create pixel art, PXL8 V1 is available for free or by donation at Gumroad for the benefit of the community :), the models here are a continuation of the project and offer enhanced abilities and accuracy to make cleaner and better assets or general art.

Pixel art is a unique form of art, from retro games to modern, pixel art continued to evolve in complexity and intent, PXL8 was created to help pixel artists make the best art they can, not replace them.


  • Built on a custom SOTA (State-of-the-art) Diffusion model (SD 2.1 768)
  • Separate Automatic1111 Addon to extend your pixel art workflow
  • 99% Pixel perfect results, no more “mixels”
  • Authentic and varied Pixel Art aesthetic
  • Pay once and get future versions as well
  • Beginner? make fun art!
  • Professional? jump-start your creative process!
  • From art pieces to assets, PXL8 will help you get to where you want to go
  • Trained on art, assets, and general high aesthetic images to enhance the model’s knowledge and abilities.
  • Support on Discord

Enough text, more pixels 🙂

PXL8 Saved my cat from a burning house, thanks PXL8!

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